Commercial Services

Propane Autogas wheel to wheel delivery for propane fueled vehicles and D.E.F. (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Now available for wheel to wheel or bulk tank delivery!


We are now licensed and certified for underground tank removal services. Call now The August 7, 2017 D.E.P. deadline has passed requiring your single wall steel underground tanks (in-service and out-of-service) be removed!

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Commercial Clients Find
“Fuel Solutions”

Frank Lamparelli provides business owners, fleet managers and property managers with “fuel solutions” tailor made to meet their needs. Our vast array of fuels and fueling options allow us to create the best option to meet your commercial needs at pricing that will save you money.

If you are looking for a fuel supplier that can provide you multiple fuel options, pricing options, billing options and service options; Frank Lamparelli is the answer. We have been finding ways to work with our clients as a “business partner”, not just a point of sale.

You need help understanding where your fleet costs are going, we can help. For a no obligation review of your business operation click here.